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All locations from dog-friendly scavenger-hunt hiking challenge across Vancouver are revealed

How many dog-friendly locations did you guess right?


A month-long dog-friendly scavenger-hunt style hiking challenge across the Lower Mainland has just ended, and the 30 secret dog-friendly locations have been revealed. PawSwap’s Hikes & Trails Challenge, created for dogs and their owners, has been running throughout the month of June and invited locals to explore 30 pre-selected, secret dog-friendly hikes, trails and parks across in and around Vancouver. Using only the clues on the Hikes & Trails website, dog owners have been figuring out the secret locations, visiting them with their pup and taking adorable photos of their furry adventure buddy at the secret photo spots described in the clues. Each correct location earned the participants entries earn entries for 3 prize draws, with the top Ultimate Hiker Pup prize package valued at over $1300 - and the winner will be announced during an Instagram Live on PawSwap's Instagram page on July 6. Whether you've been taking part with your pup, or you're just looking for some inspiration for dog-friendly outdoor adventures around the Lower Mainland, here are the 30 locations along with some extremely cute photos of the pups who took part!

Hikes Hike 1. Whyte Lake Trail, West Vancouver

Clue 1: Perfect for rainy days, this peaceful trail doesn’t have an epic viewpoint, but sounds pretty colourful to us…

Hike 2. Mystery Lake, North Vancouver

Clue 1: This beautiful hike is perfectly named for a Scavenger Hunt, and luckily isn’t as unsolvable as it sounds...

Hike 3. Norvan Falls, North Vancouver

Clue 1: Whoever said “don’t go chasing waterfalls” obviously hadn’t found the epic one at the end of this beautiful hike. Secret Photo Spot: Take a photo at the waterfall that gives this hike its name.


Hike 4. Bryne Creek Ravine Loop Trail, Burnaby

Clue 1: Do you believe in magic? Rumour has it the trees along this trail may be home to some tiny mythical creatures. Secret Photo Spot: Find one of the door’s belonging to the trail’s magical inhabitants, and take a photo of your pup beside it.


Hike 5. Tunnel Bluffs, Squamish

Clue 1: It may sound underground, but at its summit this hike offers one of the best views of Howe Sound you will find in the region. Secret Photo Spot: While you have a well earned rest at the summit, take a photo of your pup with Howe Sound in the background.


Hike 6. Teapot Hill, Chilliwack

Clue 1: Named after something short and stout you probably sang about as a kid, the summit of this hike offers views of a lake, and a valley… if you can handle it.

Hike 7. Menzies Trail, Maple Ridge

Clue 1: Part of a popular provincial park, the name of this trail is actually an old Scottish surname.

Hike 8. Ridge Park, Coquitlam

Clue: With a name well fitting to a mountain hike, this is a compact area of forest parkland with one significant viewpoint along the way.

Hike 9. Sugar Mountain Loop: Belcarra

Clue 1: This is a very sweet spot to take your pup for some watery views.

Secret Photo Spot: You’ll be in the forest for most of this hike, so take a photo of your pup with a trail head along the way.


Hike 10. Chadsey Lake (Lost Lake), Abbotsford

Clue 1: Despite it’s alternative name, you’re not likely to get lost along this heavily trafficked and well-marked trail.

Trails Trail 1. Brunswick Point Trail, Delta

Clue 1: Named after an impressive North Shore mountain, this trail is popular with bird watchers due to its proximity to a Bird Sanctuary on a nearby island.

Trail 2. South Dyke Trail, Richmond

Clue 1: This trail features more than one landmark named after the UK’s capital city, and the dog park that shares its name boasts a well-known doggy art installation.

Secret Photo Spot: Take a photo of your pup beside the whimsical dog-shaped public art installations located at the dog park along this trail.


Trail 3. North Alouette Greenway, Maple Ridge

Clue 1: Spectacular views of the Coast Mountain Range, you're likely to bump into some horses along this scenic trail past farmland, wetlands and forest.

Trail 4. Redwood Park Loop, Surrey

Clue 1: Home to a replica of the founding brothers’ treehouse, you’ll find trees from all around the world here - and the tallest one on earth gives this trail its name.

Secret Photo Spot: Take a photo of your pup at the treehouse in the centre of this park.


Trail 5. Serpentine Loop Trail, Surrey

Clue 1: If you love Mother Earth, you’ll love this slithering loop.

Trail 6. Blakeburn Lagoons Loop, Port Coquitlam

Clue 1: Now a peaceful oasis, this site had been closed off to the public for more than 40 years until opening in 2018.

Trail 7. Trail of Hope, Burnaby

Clue 1: Featuring beautiful wild flowers and a duck pond, it’s hard not to feel optimistic on this trail…

Secret Photo Spot: Take a picture of your pup with the duck pond in the background.


Trail 8. Inter River Park Trails: North Vancouver

Clue 1: Thrillseekers will definitely enjoy one particular crossing along this trail.

Trail 9. Douglas Woodward Park (Off-leash Trails): West Vancouver

Clue 1: This trail features mini waterfalls and shares part of its name with a Canadian sailor who competed in the 1952 and 1964 Summer Olympics.

Trail 10. Pacific Spirit Regional Park: Vancouver

Clue 1: If you get lost on one of the many trails in this scenic park, you may end up in a classroom...

Parks Park 1. Devonian Harbour Off-leash Dog Park, Vancouver

Clue 1: Located on the way to one of Vancouver’s most iconic parks, this serene area leads to a rocky beach perfect for a dip after long games of fetch.

Park 2. Hadden Park Dog Park & Beach, Vancouver

Clue 1: More often referred to as its nickname, you’ll feel at home in a bikini at this historic park.

Park 3. John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park, Vancouver

Clue 1: Known by two names locally, there’s something a bit fishy about this park…

Park 4. Waterfront Park Off-Leash Area (Lower Lonsdale Off-Leash Area): North Vancouver

Clue 1: Amazing views of the city skyline, this park shares its name with the Station you’d need to make the journey there a lot faster.

Park 5. Ambleside Park Dog Off-leash Area, West Vancouver

Clue 1: Views of the Lions Gate Bridge and Stanley Park make this lesser-known spot - named after its neighbourhood - a firm favourite on sunny days.

Secret Photo Spot: Take a photo of your pup with the Lions Gate Bridge in the background.


Park 6. Queen’s Park Off-leash Dog Park, New Westminster

Clue 1: This regal park is named after one of the most famous women in the world.

Park 7. Jerry Sulina Dog Park, Maple Ridge

Clue 1: This park may be small, but it’s actually attached to the entire region via the Trans-Canada Trail.

Secret Photo Spot: We want to see that water, so take a photo of your pup with the scenic body of water here in the background.


Park 8. Mundy Park Off-leash Dog Park, Coquitlam

Clue 1: Part of the largest park in the area, thinking of most people’s least favourite day of the week should help you with this name…

Park 9. Barnet Marine Park Off-leash Area, Burnaby

Clue 1: Located on what was once the site of a logging mill camp, its history explains the structures that are so often pictured at this park.

Secret Photo Spot: Take a photo of your pup at the structures that go well beyond the land.

Park 10. Steveston Community Off-leash Dog Park, Richmond

Clue 1: Named after the village which hosts a popular, but very fishy festival every year.


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