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6 ways to reduce your ecological pawprint and celebrate Earth Day with your pup

Show your love for our planet with these 6 ways to mark Earth Day with your furry friend.

Every year on April 22, over 190 countries in the world join together to celebrate Earth Day - and today is the perfect time to think about your individual impact on our planet.

A quick look to the snow-capped mountains and deep-blue ocean surrounding our city is enough to remind us why it's so important that we do our bit to protect our world for generations to come. As dog owners, caring for our pups comes with unique environmental concerns, but luckily, there are simple steps we can all take to improve our ecological pawprint. So this Earth Day, we wanted to share a few easy ways that you and your pup can give back to Mother Nature and even a small change can make a huge difference! (Don't forget to check out our Earth Day Giveaway at the bottom of this article too!)

1. Try a zero-waste or eco-friendly packaged dog food company

Many businesses are realizing the importance of reducing our impact on the planet, and are finding new and improved ways of designing and producing their products to lessen their carbon and environmental footprint. One local business doing a fantastic job of this is Good Boy Collective - a modern and ethical pet supply boutique store located in Vancouver - with it's Zero Waste Program. You can buy premium, limited ingredient dog and cat food and treats in bulk, and fill your own containers you've brought from home, or purchase a reusable one there, to create zero waste.

2. Donate old dog toys, blankets and unneeded food

Has your pup lost interest in some of their toys, or maybe you've updated their bedding lately?

Instead of throwing away old toys, cozy blankets, towels, or even unneeded food, donate them to a local dog shelter. Not only are you helping the environment, but you'll also be helping to improve the lives of rescue dogs!

3. Use biodegradable poop bags

Picking up after your dog is a must, and an easy planet-friendly switch you can make today is to use compostable poop bags.

Using biodegradable poop bags to dispose of your dog's waste will not only keep your own area cleaner but will also help reduce plastic that is damaging to the earth. We love local company Earth Rated, as all of their packaging is made from recycled materials, and they use recyclable paper cores for their poop bag rolls instead of plastic.

4. Know where your dog treats are coming from and try and support local when you can

When purchasing goodies for your pup, looking at ingredients and where they come from is a great way to reduce your ecological pawprint. Look out for dog treats that are Canadian sourced with no added fillers or preservatives, and single-ingredient treats are great too as you avoid artificial, potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients. Less ingredients also takes less energy and less resources to produce so it's a big step in the right direction. We're big fans of Vancouver company Yes! Dog Treats who offers Canadian sourced, single-ingredient treats that use byproducts including beef liver, chicken liver and chicken hearts in a bid to be more sustainable.

5. Use a reusable water bottle... even for your dog!

Every day millions of plastic products are landing in our oceans, so using a reusable water bottle is simple way to make a huge difference. Whether you're going for a short walk, a longer hike or traveling somewhere away from home, always be prepared with a reusable water bottle to keep both you and your pup hydrated and avoid the need for purchasing bottled water.

One company committed that offers amazing reusable travel products for humans and dogs is Highwave. Highwave has been creating products to help humans live in harmony with our planet since 1983, and in 2019, they began donating 1% of every sale to non-profits focused on healing our environment.

6. Take your pup for a walk

It doesn't get any easier than this, especially living in beautiful B.C surrounded by some of the most stunning hikes and trails in the world. Take advantage of the amazing hikes on our doorsteps - and by downloading the PawSwap App and joining PawSwap Premium, you can find all of the dog-friendly hikes and trails, and their dog-friendly details, in your area making your next adventure that much easier to plan! Also, instead of hopping in the car, if you can, walk with your pup to the park or pet store next time - every little bit helps!


In celebration of Earth Day, PawSwap's latest giveaway is giving one lucky winner the chance to win an eco-friendly prize pack, valued at $150, featuring items from all the companies mentioned above.

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