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18 dog-friendly Vancouver stores where you can holiday shop with your pup

These dog-friendly Vancouver stores have something for everyone on your list, ranging from clothing and jewellery to music and books.

Corgi dog in red shopping cart inside store
Instagram: @butterseveryday

Holiday shopping can be stressful - so best to have your four-legged buddy with you to keep you chill. And as more and more stores become dog-friendly, you can easily check off your list with your dog by your side the whole time.

OhMyDog! has compiled a list of stores perfect for holiday shopping that will all adore hosting your dog.

Now get that leash ready and get shopping!

1. Banana Republic

Always a fave for gifts, it’s tough not to buy for yourself at Banana Republic too. This three-level store on Robson is right in the heart of Vancouver’s shopping district. And a few blocks away you can find its casual sister retailer, Old Navy. Both welcome dogs for browsing and buying.

Address: 1098 Robson St., Vancouver, V6E 1A7

Tel: (604) 331-8285

2. Saje Natural Wellness

If you thought your dog was the sniffer in the family, wait until you hit Saje for gift shopping. You’ll find all kinds of soothing diffusers, candles, and aromatherapies to give someone a gift of wellness. And after your dog visits this palace of pleasing smells, they might never go back to smelling butts again.

Address: 1091 Robson St., Vancouver, V6E 1A9

Tel: (604) 558-1900

Address: 2252 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, V6K 1N8

Tel: (604) 738-7253

3. Zulu Records

Known as one of Canada’s best record stores, Zulu has been a magnet for audiophiles and indie music nerds since 1981. The staff not only love dogs, they are serious experts in all music genres and will help you find the perfect sounding present.

Address: 1972 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, V6J 1M5

Tel: (604) 738-3232

4. West Elm

There is a lot of space for your pup to explore with you here. West Elm is a playground of contemporary design to deck out your home or find a gift for a friend. Your dog might be tempted to lounge on the sofas and beds, but will have to suck it up.

Address: 2947 Granville St., Vancouver, V6H 3J6

Tel: (604) 733-6730

5. Duer

When walking your dog in Gastown, pop into this hub of flexible, fashionable jeans. Jeans come in all sizes and all sizes of dogs are welcome.

Address: 118 West Hastings St., Vancouver, V6B 1G8

Tel: (604) 336-1341

6. Indigo

Remember when this was a bookstore? Indigo now sells everything from housewares to gadgets, and that’s a bonus for holiday shopping. Even better, you can bring your pup along for the ride. You two might want to hit up the nature and pet section.

Address: 1033 Robson St., Vancouver, V6E 1A9

Tel: (778) 783-3978

Address: 2505 Granville St., Vancouver, V6H 3G7

Tel: (604) 731-7822

7. Victoria’s Secret and PINK

When VC says dogs are allowed, it’s the canine kind, not the male kind, okay? This flashy ooh-la-la shop lights up Burrard street and is the ultimate source for intimate gifts. Lots of great holiday specials right now to look out for.

Address: 750 Burrard St., Vancouver, V6Z 1X5

Tel: (604) 684-2329

8. GNC

Your source for fitness nutrition, vitamins, and supplements, GNC is a goldmine for stocking stuffers and little extras. They don’t guarantee you and your dog will meet your exercise goals in the new year, but it’s the thought that counts.

Address: 1126 Robson St., Vancouver, V6E 1B2

Tel: (604) 682-2506

9. Urbanity

This is your stop for women’s clothing that is proudly fair-made, with sustainable and natural fibres. It’s no wonder a store that values the good and natural things in life welcomes doggies with open arms.

Address: 2412 Granville St., Vancouver, V6H 3G6

Tel: (604) 801-6262

And if you're a PawSwap app member, you can collect 50 Points by visiting this store over the holiday season, helping you get well on your way to claiming an dog-friendly experience day Reward.

10. Sport Chek Robson

Another spacious downtown store for you and your dog to wander around. The chain is currently featuring specials on stocking stuffers, but you can also browse the bigger sporty stuff. But take our advice: skis are tough to conceal with wrapping paper.

Address: 788 Robson St., Vancouver, V6Z 1A1

Tel: (604) 687-7668

11. Kidsbooks

For over 35 years, this Kitsilano gem of a bookstore has been a haven for parents, teachers, and librarians. The expert staff not only display encyclopedic knowledge of all-ages books, they love when people pop in with their dogs.

Address: 2557 West Broadway, Vancouver, V6K 2E9

Tel: (604) 738-5335

12. Louis Vuitton Hotel Vancouver

Whoever is the lucky recipient of what you’re shopping for here better have bought you something too. Located in the historic Hotel Vancouver (which has 2 concierge dogs on staff), Louis Vuitton is the place for luxury goods. Tell your pup to wear her “good” collar.

Address: 730 Burrard St., Vancouver, V7Y 1E4

Tel: (604) 696-9404

13. Homesense

This is a bit of a gift for easy gift giving. Homesense has everything anybody would like for their home. Better yet, Homesense is a super dog-friendly department store.

Address: 493 Robson St., Vancouver, V6B 6L9

Tel: (604) 683-4406

Address: 491 West 8th Ave., Vancouver, V5Y 3Z5

Tel: (604) 879-3701

14. Roots

Nothing says winter cozy-comfort more than Roots. With 2 Vancouver locations that welcome dogs to browse, you two can feel extra-Canadian as you shop for loved ones here.

Address: 1001 Robson St., Vancouver, V6E 1A9

Tel: (604) 683-4305

Address: 2091 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, V6J 1N3

Tel: (604) 629-1195

15. Blue Ruby Jewellery

Vancouver-based Blue Ruby is a no-brainer for special gifts. Showcasing both local and international designers, this jewellery store is sophisticated but not intimidating for shoppers. And that unpretentious feel carries over into their positive attitude about dogs.

Address: 1098 Robson St., Vancouver, V6E 1A7

Tel: (604) 899-2583

16. Turnabout Kitsilano

Making consignment cool since 1978, Vancouver’s Turnabout stores offer high-end fashion you’d never know was secondhand. And they’re as dog-friendly as they come.

Address: 13112 West Broadway, Vancouver, V6K 2H2

Tel: (604) 734-5313

17. Hip Baby

No, not fur baby. It’s Hip Baby, but they still love dog shoppers. Consistently voted the best baby and toddler store in the city, Hip Baby is where you can find the perfect holiday gifts for new parents.

Address: 2110 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, V6K 1N9

Tel: (604) 736-8020

18. Gravitypope Tailored Goods

Located next to the wildly-popular Gravitypope shoe store, the Tailored Goods shop is a super-hip boutique for men and women. And dogs can come too.

Address: 2203 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, V6K 1N9

Tel: (604) 731-7647

Want to find more dog-friendly stores? You can find a complete list of pup-friendly places, including coffee shops, restaurant patios, parks and more in your area by downloading the free PawSwap app today.


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