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15 Vancouver Corgi accounts you should start following today

Amazing local pups you should follow this International Corgi Day.


June 4 is International Corgi Day and we couldn't let the occasion pass without celebrating this lovable breed. It's impossible not to love corgis with their short little legs, cute wiggly butts and long, low-set bodies but what makes this special breed so great goes well beyond how adorable they are to look at.

Affectionate, friendly, smart and alert, corgis make great companions without being needy, and despite their little legs, they love exploring and physical activity so make wonderful adventure buddies. They also make great city dogs as, being watchful pups, they love apartment with windows overlooking the street that they sit and people-watch from, so it's no surprise they are a favourite among Vancouverites. If you've got a corgi, make sure to give them some extra love today, and if you want to show your appreciation for this special little breed, here are 15 Vancouver corgi accounts that are sure to add some fun, adventure and mischief to your Instagram feed.

Why you should be following them? This little pup certainly lives up to his name and loves a good adventure. Hiro's Instagram page is full of amazing inspo for dog-friendly hikes and trails around Vancouver - and you can even catch him paddle boarding. Too cute.

Why you should be following them? This Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi will be celebrating his first birthday in a couple of weeks, and he has already amassed over 4,000 followers thanks to his impossibly photogenic face. Follow now to watch this little pup continue to grow up around the city.

Why you should be following them? You can count on Alfie to show you around some of the best parts of the city, and always look stylish while doing so. Rarely seen without his trademark bandana or corgi sidekick Olive (see below), he turns 7 later this month and we can't wait to see his celebrations.

Why you should be following them? She may be tiny, but 2-year-old Olive loves an adventure and her Instagram is full of adorable photos of her exploring, hiking, camping, paddle boarding and of course, hanging out with her best friend Alfie.

Why you should be following them? According to this 1-year-old Vancouver pup's bio, she loves pets, people, and peanut butter and her occupation is listed as a Fashion Model. Based on that face, we can't say we're surprised as 'photogenic' doesn't do Chloe justice.

Why you should be following them? This adorable Vancouver corgi is 'just a little loaf in a bread world' and is owned by popular YouTube couple Josh and Tess Vlogs. In fact, he's so cute he even has his own website and merch!

Why you should be following them? She may be small, but Seina has a big personality which makes her content so much fun to follow. According to this Vancouver pup's bio she loves food, exploring and napping and we can all get on board with that!

Why you should be following them? If you like the sound of a happy little corgi living his best life with lots of fellow corgi friends, then you will love Bagel's account. Lots of wholesome content documenting the life and adventures of a very sweet 8 month-old pup!

Why you should be following them? Corgi Milo and Doxie Charlie have been "brofurrs since puppyhood" and this page follows their many adventures and playful moments together. This accounts gives you two gorgeous pups for the price of one and is well worth a follow!

Why you should be following them? Another adorable double act, this time it's Nova, a one-year-old corgi from Vancouver and his sibing Happy, a very cute bunny rabbit. The dynamic duo are described as 'sinister shedders and relentless snackers' and we can't get enough of their content!

Why you should be following them? You can join this Pembroke Welsh TriColor Corgi puppy on his fun adventures 'living large in Vancouver' and enjoy all the mischief he gets up to while he grows up around the city. Also he has lots of corgi friends that often make an appearance. So cute!

Why you should be following them? Two words - That. Smile. Oliver's bio says that smiling is his favourite, and we're so glad because this adorable pup's smiling photos brighten up our feed regularly!

Why you should be following them? "Lubber of food and chasing balls," 1-year-old Milo is a playful pup that has an infectious smile and a great Instagram account filled with his adventures. Definitely worth a follow!

Why you should be following them? Described as 'your local orange corg' Mango loves food, naps and adventures and according to her bio, she's sometimes mistaken for a fox thanks to her stunning coat! This pup is ridiculously cute and the photos and captions are sure to give you a giggle!

Why you should be following them? Last but certainly not least, this 8-month-old pup is sure to add some cuteness to your scrolling with some great fashion choices and an adorable little face that looks like she's smiling all the time!


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