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10 of the best dog-friendly patios in the Calgary area

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Calgary is a place where outdoor enthusiasts and dog lovers unite. With its stunning parks, picturesque trails, and a thriving food scene, Calgarians know how to make the most of their time outdoors with their furry companions.

We've rounded up 15 of the best dog-friendly patios in Calgary, ensuring you and your furry friend can enjoy some quality time together in the city's beautiful urban spaces. So leash up your pup, grab a seat, and get ready to explore Calgary's vibrant patio scene in the company of your beloved canine companion.

1. Bottlescrew Bill's Pub

Bottlescrew Bill's dog-friendly patio in Calgary

Located in downtown Calgary, Bottlescrew Bill's Pub is a beloved casual watering hole renowned for its wide selection of craft beers and modern pub food. What sets this establishment apart is its inviting dog-friendly patio, where you and your furry friend can enjoy the energetic atmosphere of the city while indulging in a refreshing pint or satisfying meal. With friendly staff, a spacious outdoor seating area, and a water bowl for your canine companion, Bottlescrew Bill's provides a comfortable experience for both humans and their four-legged friends.

2. 4th Spot Kitchen & Bar

Situated in the heart of Calgary, 4th Spot Kitchen & Bar is a go-to destination for those seeking a laid-back atmosphere and a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. As a dog-friendly establishment, their inviting patio welcomes both you and your furry companion to enjoy a relaxing dining experience. The menu offers an impressive range of options, from juicy burgers and delectable tacos to flavourful pasta dishes and mouthwatering, from-scratch pizzas. With each dish carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients, 4th Spot Kitchen & Bar ensures a delightful culinary journey for patrons. Soak in the warm Calgary weather on their dog-friendly patio as you and your pup relish in the casual ambiance of this hidden gem in Calgary's dining landscape.

3. Fionn MacCool's

Screenshot of the GoDoggo app showing Fionn MacCool's dog-friendly details

Step into a world beyond the ordinary at Fionn MacCool's in Calgary. This exceptional pub not only delivers perfectly poured pints, premium cocktails, and untraditionally great food, but it also extends its warm Irish hospitality to your furry friends with a dog-friendly patio and a dedicated dog menu. As you revel in the authentic Irish pub atmosphere, your pup can indulge in their own culinary delights, from specially curated treats to meals catered to their taste buds. Meanwhile, you can relish in a diverse menu that goes beyond pub fare, offering everything from traditional Irish dishes to modern twists. With live music adding to the vibrant ambiance, Fionn MacCool's invites you and your canine companion to create sociable good times, unforgettable flavours, and cherished memories in an extraordinary setting.

4. Hard Knox Brewery

When it comes to dog-friendly patios near Calgary, Hard Knox Brewery stands out as an award-winning craft brewery destination that offers much more than just great beer. Located within a short drive from the city, this hidden gem beckons both locals and visitors to experience a unique blend of live music, cozy campfires, and Sunday jams with the entire family, including your beloved four-legged companion. Whether you're seeking a laid-back summer evening filled with soulful tunes under the stars or a cozy winter gathering around crackling campfires, Hard Knox Brewery sets the stage for unforgettable moments. As you sip on their exceptional craft brews, your furry friend can roam freely in the welcoming and dog-friendly patio, enjoying the lively atmosphere alongside you. Hard Knox Brewery has truly mastered the art of creating a warm and inclusive space that embraces the joy of live music, the comfort of campfire gatherings, and the cherished company of your furry family members.

5. The Roasterie

For dog owners seeking a cozy and inviting spot to unwind, The Roasterie in Calgary is a must-visit destination. This charming coffee shop not only exudes a chill vibe but also goes above and beyond to welcome our four-legged friends. The Roasterie is renowned for its dog-friendly patio where you can enjoy a delightful cup of hot or cold coffee while your furry companion relaxes by your side. What sets this place apart is their special attention to pups, as they offer dog treats to ensure your furry friend feels just as pampered as you do. Beyond its pet-friendly atmosphere, The Roasterie offers an intimate hangout where you can immerse yourself in the rich aromas and flavours of their artisanal coffee. Additionally, film screenings add an extra touch of charm to this local gem.

6. Angel's Cafe

Nestled by the river in Calgary, Angel's Cafe is an informal eatery that captures the essence of a relaxing culinary experience. Known for its delightful breakfast fare, wraps, coffee and ice cream, Angel's Cafe offers a diverse menu that caters to every craving. What makes this charming spot even more enticing is its dog-friendly patio, allowing you and your furry companion to bask in the tranquil riverside setting while enjoying a delicious meal or beverage.

7. Side Street Pub and Grill

Side Street Pub and Grill in Calgary is a cheerful sports bar that caters to both sports enthusiasts and their furry friends. With its dog-friendly patio, you can bring your canine companion along while you immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere. The pub boasts an impressive lineup of 20 TVs, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action. Indulge in the satisfying pub grub, ranging from classic favourites to innovative twists, paired with a wide selection of beer and cocktails to quench your thirst. At Side Street Pub and Grill, the combination of a dog-friendly patio, exciting sports coverage, and a diverse menu guarantees a fantastic time for both you and your furry friend in Calgary's vibrant pub scene.

8. Elite Brewing & Cidery

Dog-friendly patio at Elite Brewing & Cidery in Calgary

Elite Brewing & Cidery in Calgary is a captivating destination that combines military history with an impressive array of craft beers, ciders, and delectable fare. Located in the Crescent Heights neighbourhood, this establishment welcomes both beer enthusiasts and dog owners with its inviting and dog-friendly patio. As you relax and enjoy the carefully crafted brews and ciders, you'll be immersed in the unique military-themed atmosphere that sets Elite Brewing & Cidery apart. From bold and hoppy ales to crisp and refreshing ciders, their beverage selection caters to all tastes. To accompany your drinks, indulge in their mouthwatering cuisine, carefully prepared to satisfy your cravings and elevate your dining experience.

9. Born Brewing Co.

Dog-friendly patio at Born Brewing Co. in Calgary Alberta

Born Brewing Co in Calgary offers a delightful blend of an outdoorsy atmosphere and exceptional craft beers. Step into their doors, and you'll instantly feel a sense of adventure and connection with nature. With a pet-friendly patio, Born Brewing Co ensures that your furry friends can join in on the experience too. On colder days, the pet-friendly patio is heated, allowing you and your pup to enjoy the outdoorsy feeling while staying comfortable. Whether you're sipping on their fresh and crisp brews or immersing yourself in the vibrant energy of the young city, Born Brewing Co invites you to create lasting memories and embark on your own unique adventure.

10. Cold Garden Beverage Company

Cold Garden Beverage Company in Calgary is a haven for beer enthusiasts and dog owners alike. With its dog-friendly patio, this funky and industrial-style brewhouse welcomes your furry friends to join in the fun. As you step onto the patio, you'll be greeted by vibrant and colourful decor, showcasing art from local artists, creating a truly unique and engaging ambiance. Cold Garden Beverage Company boasts an impressive variety of craft beers to satisfy every palate, and their patio is the perfect spot to sip on your favourite brew while enjoying snacks and the company of your furry companion. Even on colder days, you can stay cozy and warm with outdoor heaters and gather around fire pits, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Cold Garden Beverage Company offers a delightful blend of great brews, artistic vibes, and a dog-friendly patio where you and your four-legged friend can create lasting memories in the heart of Calgary.


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