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Hello, Companions!

A Companion is the middle ground between a friend and a campaigner. Companions visit dog-friendly locations, and help spread the word about campaigns to create a more dog-friendly world.

How It Works:

Step 1

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Choose a location from the participating locations (1 for each location) to start.

[Limited quantities of each gift card are available. We will try our best to accommodate everyone's choices but please note that signing up does not guarantee that you will receive a gift card due to the limited quantities of gift cards.] 


Step 3

Share your instagram post showcasing your experience at the location with a call to action to download the TELUS Health MyPet app. Please make sure to include the link to our TELUS MyPet App landing page.


Sample copy for posting is provided below.

Step 2


We will send the gift cards and/or redemption instructions to your email address. You will need to visit at least 1 location during the next week in order to receive your next gift cards!


Step 4

Tag us and the business you are visiting on Instagram @pawswapapp and use hashtag #MyloCompanion so we can see your posts! Start Step 1 again once complete!

Have questions? Visit the FAQ at the bottom of the page for more information.

Note: Must be a reel or feed post. Private accounts are not eligible to participate in the program.

How to claim your gift cards: 

Send an email to with your preferred locations in order of preference, Instagram Handle, and number of followers, and we will email your voucher (subject to availability.)

Participating Locations:

The following are the participating locations available to choose gift cards from. More will be added coming soon, so stay tuned in our Instagram group or refer back to this page for updates.

Coming Soon!


1. What should my post caption contain?

Refer to the Example Posts section of this page for more information

2. Anything else I need to do?

Yes! Please leave a review for the location inside the PawSwap app to let other dog owners know about your experience there.

3. How long is this campaign going for?

This campaign will be running until the end of 2022.

4. How many gift cards can I recieve?

The number of gift cards depends on the number of participating locations we have. As of right now, there is no minimum or maximum, but as we learn from this program, we’ll be more equipped to answer this question.

5. When do I need to visit the locations?

You will need to visit the locations within 1 week of recieving your gift cards. The sooner you visit your first locations, the sooner you can grab your next locations! please bear with us.


6. What if I can't visit the location within 1 week?

Please only request a gift card if you know you will be able to visit the location within 1 week. If something changes and you cannot visit the location within 1 week, please let us know and we can see what we can do.

7. Will other locations be added or is this it?

New locations will be added weekly, so the best thing to get your next round of gift cards is to visit your first 3 as soon as possible! 

8. Will I receive new gift cards after I visit the first few locations?

Yes! Once the first few are finished and posted, you can request more gift cards.

9. What happens if I don’t visit the locations?

If you don't visit the locations, we will ask you kindly to return the gift card, or remove your name from the gift card list so that another Companion can enjoy the location instead.

10. How will you know I have posted?
By tagging our account, @pawswapapp & using the hashtag #MyloCompanion, we will be able to see your posts.  You must have an open/public account so that we are able to see your posts. We also ask that you send us an email once you've posted including the post link and the video file for the reel you created, if applicable.

12. What's the catch?


13. What is the TELUS MyPet App link to promote?

The link is:

14. I haven't received 3 locations yet, when can I expect to see my locations?

We're making our way through the list as quickly as possible. If you haven't heard back from us yet, please be patient and bear with us.

15. More questions? Email us!

Example Posts & Copy:

Below is an example of a caption that you can feel free to copy and paste into your Instagram post, edit it, put your own spin on it or write your own! Be sure to let everyone know about your experience at the location! Please remember to tag us, as well as the business you are visiting!​ There is no need to tag TELUS for this campaign :). 

Please also be sure to update the link in your bio and to use our landing page so we can track donations! 

Landing page: 

Please make sure you include the following:

  1. Tag @pawswapapp as well as the business you are visiting

  2. Mention the TELUS Health MyPet App, and to download the free app via the link in your bio to donate $2 to the SPCA this holiday season.

  3. Add the link to download the TELUS Health MyPet App in your Instagram bio:
    Please don't forget to update the link in your bio 🙏🏻. This is the landing page so we can track donations! 

  4. Please use hashtag #MyloCompanion so we can find your post easily! 

Today I’m visiting ______ location on the PawSwap App, courtesy of the new TELUS Health MyPet App. Committed to supporting local dog-friendly businesses and dogs in need this holiday season, for the rest of the year the TELUS Health MyPet App is donating $2 to the BC SPCA for each download they receive. Using the TELUS MyPet App means you can spend more time visiting dog-friendly locations like _______ vs. making visits to a vet!

Download the free app via the link in my bio to donate $2 to the BC SPCA!

Example Posts:

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