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Become a GoDoggo Club Card partner

Be a part of the exclusive program that brings loyal customers, ensuring ongoing patronage and support.

Apply to be a Club Card partner by filling out this short form

How members will redeem your offer

Please note, while the GoDoggo App is free to use for all dog owners, in order to access the exclusive special offers, dog owners are required to enroll in the Club Membership Program. This entails a nominal annual fee. This structure allows us to extend the program’s complimentary participation to invited businesses while maintaining it as a membership-exclusive initiative


Q: What kind of advertising can we expect? A: We often run Facebook advertising campaign to drive new app downloads and increase membership in the GoDoggo Club. Additionally, once users download our app, they receive a series of targeted emails that provide information about the exclusive benefits of the GoDoggo Club and highlight where they can redeem special offers. Currently, e-commerce and event special offers live on the GoDoggo Club Card Special Offers landing page, shown only to Club Card members. This will be changing in Septemebr 2023 to live on the app itself. This means the offer will show up to all app users that visit the Gift Tab. Having said that, nly Club Card Members will be able to view and redeem the code. In addition to our Facebook advertising and email campaigns, we have a strong and active community of 50,000 dog owners. Leveraging the content and engagement from our community, we will incorporate user-generated content into our promotional efforts should you decide to provide us with product and/or free tickets to promote. Furthermore, we have a dedicated private Facebook group with 8.7k members, which serves as a valuable platform for engagement and promotion. Lastly, we will continue to utilize email campaigns targeting our list of nearly 30k local dog owners.

Q: How will my business be featured in the app? A: There will be a spot within the app where members can browse for in store or online offers. The online offers will have a coupon code and link available where they can redeem the offer online. Please note this will be launching in September 2023, and in the menatime, GoDoggo Club Members see participating e-commerce and event offers via the password protected landing page.

Q: How long do I need to keep the special offer up for and am I able to change it? A: We strive to provide our valued members with the best experience possible. To ensure dog owners have enough time to redeem your offers, we ask that special offers be available for a minimum of 12 months. In the event that an offer is to be removed, we request a 2-week notice period. This ensures ample time for dog owners to redeem your offer.

Q: Why do dog owners join the GoDoggo Club? A: GoDoggo Club Members have joined the club first and foremost, to support our mission of fostering meaningful experiences with dogs. As a Featured Location, you would have the opportunity to connect with this dedicated customer base, who are loyal, passionate, and eager to support establishments that prioritize their furry friends, even when they are not in their company. Our Club Members are enthusiastic about discovering dog-friendly venues like yours and we aim to make it that much easier to discover their new favourite spot.

Q: Are there any costs or fees associated with joining the program or being featured in the app? A: The program is free for businesses that have been invited to join the program, and/or for those that meet the minimum requirement to join the program. We believe in maintaining this approach to ensure the highest quality and value for both businesses and our community. Our goal is to carefully select and feature locations that we genuinely believe will be beneficial to the businesses involved as well as the dog owners in our community. We prioritize quality over quantity to create a curated and trusted experience for all parties involved.

Q: What is an attractive offer and what is the fee if I do not want to offer this? A: An attractive enough offer depends on your business; however, we usually approve offers that are 30% off or more for e-commerce platforms, and 20% off or more for events. If you are unable to provide this as an offer, the fee to participate is $100/year. Please note, the offer cannot be available for the general public on any other sites and/or to your own community, unless it is for a similar members only program.

Q: Okay, I'm ready to sign up. What should my special offer be? A: The special offer you decide to move forward with should be something enticing enough for our members to visit you or try your service. This could include 30% off your products or services, a free item (1 per user), 20% off your event tickets, complimentary goodies, or any other creative incentives that showcase your commitment to catering to dog owners.

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