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Vancouver dog selfies celebrate stunning Robson Street murals

As stores reopen, we celebrate the beautiful murals painted on boarded-up Vancouver storefronts with cute photos of pups enjoying the local art.

The busy streets of Vancouver have looked very different over the past few months, with boarded-up storefronts lining the popular shopping destinations in the city - most notably, Robson Street.

What could have made for a very eerie scene, was instead transformed into a stunning display of art thanks to this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival.

Vancouver’s artistic talent has been on full display since mid-April, with beautiful murals popping up all over the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. The art has inspired hope and showed the community that we’re all in this together, with, any taking to social media to celebrate the incredible local talent.

Organizers partnered with local artists, organizations, and business improvement associations to transform the city’s boarded-up storefronts across 40 locations in Downtown Vancouver.

As stores begin to reopen, and the boards come down, we want to celebrate the amazing local art the best way we can think of - with cute dog pictures!

Here are some local pups posing in front of the stunning Robson Street murals.

1. Artist - @luke046_art

2. Artist - @takasudoart

3. Artist- @sandeepjohalart

4. Artist - @cielebeau

5. Artist - @mark_illing

6. Artist - @animalitoland

7. Multiple Artists

9. Multiple Artists

10. Artist - @jennbrissonart


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