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This is the best thing you’ll see today - meet Vancouver’s Corgi BFFs

Happily reunited after quarantine, we meet the Vancouver besties whose adorable corgis are also BFFs, and have thousands of fans online.

If you’re anything like us, your Insta-feed will be full of adorable dog accounts. But what’s better than one cute dog to follow? Two, obviously! Especially when they are best friends like these Vancouver corgis.

Known as quite the double-act locally, of course, best friends Alfie and Olive, both Pembroke Welsh Corgis, struggled with being apart during quarantine, and were very excited to be reunited - sharing it with their many online fans. Their friendship has been brightening our days since a photo of their first meeting was posted online back in July last year, when Olive was only a tiny puppy.

Since then, five-year-old Alfie (@vancouvercorgi) and his mini-me Olive (@olivecorgigan) have become besties and love playing, walking and even hiking together around Vancouver.

Stunning photos of these two enjoying the city are shared almost daily by local publications and Instagram accounts, so it's no surprise that, according to their dog moms, they get recognised in the street (and adore all the attention, of course!).

Naturally, we needed to find out everything about these two local stars so we caught up with their owners Teresa Holland and Christie Corrigan, who also happen to be best friends!

Teresa met Christie nine years ago through work but it was when she got her first dog five years ago that the pair became even closer.

“Definitely, we grew much closer after I got Alfie.” Teresa admits. “From the very beginning Christie was always the person I trusted most to look after him.

“As a dog owner, it’s very scary to leave your dog when you’re going out to work so to have someone I trusted him with completely was really important. Alfie instantly loved her and she loved him!”

Christie loved Alfie so much, in fact, that when she finally convinced her husband to let her get a puppy, a corgi was an easy choice.

“It took a long time but I finally wore him down!” laughs Christie. “I knew I'd love having a corgi because we enjoyed dog sitting Alfie so much. They definitely have a lot of energy but they are an amazing breed and we can’t imagine our lives without Olive now!”

And for the pair’s impressive joint Instagram following, they can’t imagine their feed without seeing little Olive exploring Vancouver with her best friend.

Teresa and Christie meet up with their picture-perfect pooches at least twice a week and whether it’s playing on Kitsilano Dog Beach, walking around Stanley Park Seawall or hiking to Bowen Lookout at Cypress Mountain (their favourite spots in Vancouver) you can keep up with all their adventures online.

“Neither of us expected the Instagram’s to take off the way they have!” admits Teresa.

“For me, it only started because I didn’t want followers of my personal page getting sick of my constant dog photos! But of course, everyone loves corgis and it didn’t take long for Alfie’s following to grow.”

“And all of Olive’s followers just came from Alfie!” laughs Christie.

So, do these two pups really like each other as much as it looks?

“Absolutely!” laugh both the ladies. Christie explains, “They get so excited when they see each other. Olive starts barking in the car as soon as she even gets a glimpse of Alfie and Teresa. It’s so sweet.”

And as for Alfie? “He completely adores Olive. He loves playing with her, even if she does have a lot more energy than him! He’s very patient with her and super protective.” smiles Teresa.

“It’s a bit like a brother/sister relationship but luckily for Christie and I, they really do love being together!”

Happily reunited, check out these adorable corgi besties on Instagram for cute pictures and great tips for the best dog-friendly areas in Vancouver. You can thank us later!


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