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Strathcona off-leash park is open again and East Vancouver dogs are delighted

Local dog owners enjoy "awesome surprise" as gates come down after over 5 months of closure.

Photo: Vancouver Park Board

After 5 months of closure, a popular Vancouver off-leash dog area has reopened to the public.

The last of the metal gates surrounding East Vancouver's Strathcona Park came down last week, after almost a half year of restricted access to the public, and it was pleasant surprise for local dog owners. “I had no idea until just now,” Lisa, a local dog mom, told OhMyDog! while passing Strathcona Park with her Westie. “I thought it would be closed for a way longer time. This is an awesome surprise!” During the closure, a major clean up and remediation of the park was done after the removal of what was Canada’s largest homeless encampment.

Neighbours of the park had long been asking for something to be done about the “tent city” which had led to numerous violent incidents.

Turf, trails, and trees have been upgraded, but it’s the large northeast corner of the park that dog owners are most excited about. The once-popular off-leash area is back in action.

Golden retriever dad, Mark, talked to us while he tossed the ball for Jake in the park for the first time since April.

“It’s been such an up and down ride here. I wish well for those in need but it’s so good to have a safe space to play again after work.”

In the coming months, Park Board staff will be looking to improve off-leash amenities for dog regulars.

“We know this park is integral to the community, and we are pleased that this will once again be a space to socialize and connect with one another,” says Donnie Rosa, General Manager, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

“We also know that a lot has happened here, which is why we have worked closely with Indigenous and community partners to ensure we were providing the extra care needed to treat the land.”

Strathcona Park is located at 857 Malkin Ave. The dog-friendly section sits on the northeast side, at the corner of Prior Street and Raymur Avenue.


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