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Dogs rescued from South Korean meat farm hoping to find new homes in Canada after COVID-19 eases

Flight restrictions delay journey to Canada for over 70 rescued dogs as The Humane Society International ask for donations to help with recovery.

Dogs rescued from South Korean meat farm getting a hug

More than 70 dogs rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm due to fly to Canada for adoption have been relocated to a temporary boarding facility due to COVID-19 flight restrictions.

In February, the Humane Society International (HSI) gave more than 70 dogs a second chance at life after rescuing them from a meat farm and puppy mill in South Korea. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the dogs cannot yet fly to their final destinations of Canada and the United States to find their forever homes, and instead have been temporarily relocated to recover.

During this time, The HSI are asking for donations from the public to help care for these animals until they can safely fly.

In May, the HSI secured a boarding facility and began transitioning the dogs to a safer and healthier environment. Weeks later, they successfully moved all 70+ dogs into the new facility and the dog meat farm they were rescued from was officially shut down.

An update posted on the HSI Facebook page last month read:

“The 70+ dogs we rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm are beginning their road to recovery at our temporary boarding facility. Urgent veterinary treatment, daily care, and behavioural therapy are needed to transition these previously neglected animals to their new lives

DONATE to help us care for these dogs until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and we can safely transport them to the U.S. and Canada, and continue our fight against animal cruelty.”

A further update on the HSI website described just how important donations are, stating that "$25 buys comfortable bedding, treats, and toys for one dog, $46 feeds ten dogs for a week, $150 provides one month of safe boarding for a healthy dog and $350 provides one month of boarding for a dog requiring veterinary care."

Happy dog rescued from South Korean meat farm

Among the breeds found on the South Korean meat farm were poodles, beagles, golden retrievers, pomeranians and boston terriers, and although safe now, a statement released by the HSI described the harrowing condition they were rescued from.

“In rows of dilapidated cages, surrounded by animal waste, junk and garbage, some dogs were destined for the slaughterhouse, and others the unscrupulous puppy mill trade. Despite Korea’s dog meat industry attempting to claim a difference between pet dogs and “meat dogs”, the reality is they are all just dogs whose fate ultimately depends on where greatest profits can be made.

The statement also revealed that the dogs were rescued from a farm owned by Mr. Nakseon Kim, who “has been breeding dogs for nearly 40 years, but he jumped at the chance to leave dog farming behind when HSI offered to help him start a new life growing cabbages and other vegetables instead.”

This is the 16th dog farm that the HSI has shut down since 2015—rescuing over 2,000 dogs in total. According to The HSI, around 2 million dogs are bred for their meat in South Korea each year.

"HSI hopes its model for change will hasten an end to the controversial and cruel industry by demonstrating to the Korean government that a farmer-supported phase-out of farms can work," says the official release.

"As global pressure builds for countries across Asia to permanently close wildlife wet markets amid coronavirus risks, the array of undeniable human health risks posed by the dog meat trade in South Korea and across Asia is strengthening calls for action across the continent."


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