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B.C. pup filmed pretending to eat imaginary treats in adorable TikTok challenge video

The bully-breed dog can be seen chewing the fake treats in the viral video.

Photo | MailOnline and ViralHog

An adorable video of a BC dog pretending to eat treats from it's owners hands has gone viral on TikTok.

In a video posted on MailOnline, the bully-breed dog is filmed by its owner who extends her hand towards it's mouth with a "fake" treat as part of the 'Pretend to Feed Your Dog Treats' challenge trending on the social media site.

The challenge is meant to see what pets' reactions are to their owners feeding them non-existent treats, with hundreds of similar videos showing confused pets after munching on air.

As the woman pinches what the dog assumes to be a treat and seemingly feeds it to them, the pooch "bites" the treat and chomps down on it several times - despite there being no snack for it to munch on.

Photo | MailOnline / ViralHog

The dog doesn't seem to notice that there is no flavour or texture after what it consumed.

The owner laughs as the dog chomps down multiple times, exclaiming, "what are you tasting?"

In response, the dog again continues to chew, and even appears to enjoy the hilarious exchange.

This is not the first time a Canadian pooch has gone viral, with 'fashionista' Tika the Iggy being catapulted to online stardom after appearing in a hilarious 2020 meme dubbed "Love it, can't wear it".


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