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A guide to celebrating New Year’s Eve with your dog as your date

Cancelled plans? No problem! Ring in 2022 with the best date out there - your loyal, loving dog.

If there was ever a better time to stay in with your dog, it’s this New Year’s Eve. Well…we don’t really have a choice but to stay in with the new restrictions, do we?

So why not make the best of it! No one really likes all the drama, all the costs, and all the regrets of a big downtown bash anyway.

And because New Year’s Eve is traditionally a lonely time for our pets, make this year a time for special bonding with your dog. The best part is, your night will be anything but boring with a few creative ideas and these OhMyDog! tips.

Binge Watch Dog-Themed Shows

Pop some corn, don your PJ’s, and plunk your pooch beside you on the couch for an evening of feel-good TV. Netflix alone has some must-see dog series like Canine Intervention and Dogs as well as movies like A Dog’s Way Home and A Dog’s Journey.

And don’t forget to seek out classics like Benji, Turner and Hooch, 101 Dalmatians, Beethoven, Must Love Dogs, Marley and Me, Isle of Dogs, and Best In Show. If you want to cheat and watch a classic dark film with “dog” in the title, cover your pup’s eyes and throw on Reservoir Dogs, Dog Day Afternoon, or The Power of the Dog. You can even take our handy quiz to help you choose the perfect dog-themed movie!

Make Your Home a Playground

Remember making pillow forts in your living room on a rainy day? You can build something just as fun for your dog with a little imagination. Try making an indoor agility course with tunnels, steps, hoops, and anything else that seems fun (some pet stores sell ready-made indoor sets). Not only will you both be entertained, it's good form to start the new year off with a little exercise!

The Year in Photos

Take the evening with you pup to go through the best pics of her throughout 2021. If you plan ahead and develop your shots, compile a keepsake photo album you can look back on forever. Looking for more photo fun? Start taking the same picture in the same pose to recreate every year as you both change. Comedy gold.

Dinner For Two

New Year’s Eve is always the evening to play chef and make something special. So while you melt the butter for your lobster, take the time to make something nice for your little guy. There is no shortage of homemade doggie treat recipes online that use healthy ingredients like carrots, peanut butter, organic meats, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Bon appetit!

Play Dress Up

OK, not everyone does the pet costume routine. But if you are a fan of dressing up your dog on special occasions, New Year’s Eve is the night to class it up. Break out the bow tie, tiny top hat, tux and tails and show everyone how to celebrate in style. The same goes for you - ditch those jammies and get in on the fun!

Snuggle in the New Year

Look, it’s been a hard year. There might not be a more perfect end to it than to curl up with your furry loved one all night. Make it a little more special with new blankets and toys on the bed, a favourite playlist on the speakers, and a cool drink for both of you.

Happy New Year!


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