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9 puppies rescued alongside mom in BC are almost ready for adoption

There’s been an update on the adorable puppies and their injured mom Nova, discovered in Fort St John earlier this month.

Earlier this month, pictures of nine puppies and their injured mom, rescued in Fort St John, melted the hearts of dog lovers across BC.

Injured mom and her nine puppies rescued are ready for adoption
photo by BCSPCA

Unsurprisingly, many locals were keen to find out when the adorable rescue family would be available for adoption, and those hoping to give one of these cute pups a home may not have to wait for long.

Last week, Lorie Chortyk, General Manager of Communications for the BC SPCA, told PawSwap that the puppies could be ready for their forever homes as early as next week.

“The puppies are doing well in their foster home,” explains Chortyk. “They are growing all the time and will be available for adoption on our website in a couple of weeks.”

The latest update on the cute rescue family, who have been in the care of the BC SPCA since they were discovered by a good samaritan and brought to a local vet, will no doubt come as great news to the many dog owners who have become invested in this little family.

9 puppies and injured mom rescued in fort St John
photo by BCSPCA

Since news of the rescue broke earlier in May, and after a series of (very cute) photos were released by the BC SPCA, there's been a lot of interest. So we suggest visiting the website regularly over the next few weeks if you're hoping to welcome one of these pups to your family. ALSO READ: Vancouver dogs find new homes due to COVID-19

The puppies and their injured, nursing mother Nova have been recuperating since they were turned over to the BC SPCA, with foster staff and volunteers manually feeding the pups several times a day as Nova was unable to nurse due to her significant physical trauma.

In addition, the medication Nova needed to help her recover would cause harm to her young as it filtered through her milk. 

Despite Nova's discomfort and painful injuries, including swelling around her spine, two dislocated shoulders, ear mites and a skin rash, staff at the BC SPCA report that she is a devoted mum.

While her puppies could be ready for a new home as soon as next week, Nova will require up to four months in SPCA care before she is ready for adoption.


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