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9 Facebook Groups all Vancouver dog owners need to join

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

These groups make it easy for Vancouverites to unite with the local dog community. How many are you a member of?

There's never been a better time to virtually connect with the local dog community than right now, and with over 150,000 dog owners in the city of Vancouver alone, we can definitely learn a lot from each other.

Luckily, there's lots of Facebook groups that make connecting with fellow dog owners and lovers very easy - and we've listed 10 of the best below.

Whether it's sharing great tips, posting pictures from the best dog-friendly spots in Vancouver, or even helping local dog parents find their missing pups, there's a lot we can achieve from coming together.

So, here's 10 Facebook groups we think all Vancouver dog owners should join today if you haven't already.

This group is a great way to stay connected with fellow Vancouver dog owners, even while we're all staying apart.

As PawSwap's mission has always been centred around bringing the local community of dog owners together, this group helps keep owners connected, informed and supported, whether it's through sharing cute pics and videos of their pups, asking for advice, or offering helpful tips. Although events have been on paw'se due to the pandemic, this group is constantly updating its members on the latest Vancouver dog news, socially-distanced activities and ways to help local dogs in need.

You can also have a say in what dog-friendly activities the PawSwap work on next - so if you're a Vancouver dog owner, this is one group you should definitely join ASAP.

Group Type: Private

Run by local company Vancouver Pet Photography, this is a great group to join if your pup knows how to work the camera, as Model Calls are posted regularly. Described as a safe place to share useful information about pets, this group highlights a variety of positive, fun, and interactive ways to get the pet-loving community to come together. Contests, Tongue Out Tuesday's, Waggin' Tails Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays and more make this group a lot of fun for any dog owner. Group Type: Private

If you love being active with your pup, this is a group you should definitely join. Dedicated to hitting the trails with our furry friends. this group welcomes dog owners (and dog lovers) to enjoy the great outdoors with them.

Upcoming hikes are posted daily to the group, and if you want to plan one yourself and gather some new friends to join you, all you have to do is post the date, meeting time, trail difficulty, round-trip hike time, and whether dogs are allowed on/off-leash. Check out some dog-friendly hiking inspo here.

Group Type: Private

With this group the dog community can really help each other out by helping reunite lost pets with their owners as quickly as possible.

There's nothing more terrifying than the thought of your furbaby going missing, but with this network of 4.6k local dog owners who really care, and are willing to share posts and keep an eye out for any missing pups, this is a great group to be a part of.

Also, you may be able to reunite a scared, lost dog with their owner - and that's something worth doing!

Group Type: Public

All Vancouver dog owners know how hard it can be to find dog-friendly apartments in the city, which is why this group is a great one to join today.

Even if you're not planning a move just yet, you never know when you might feel like a change, and if you are apartment hunting this will make it easier to find listings that welcome your furry friends - and we could use all the help we can get!

Group Type: Private

Created for those who want to ask questions, share stories, photos, videos, and life hacks related to their dogs, this private group is especially for those living in the Lower Mainland and Surrounding Area. With Bark About Your Business Mondays, Rescue Me Wednesdays, Social Saturdays and giveaways, this group is a lot of fun - and we love their monthly contest for your pup to become the cover photo!

Group Type: Private

If you're living on the North Shore, you should definitely be a member of this group already. Sponsored by Bob the Dog, a North Shore loving whoodle, this group a place where their humans can show off their four-legged friends, build friendships, connect for play dates, and share their knowledge, enthusiasm and support in a kind, positive and respectful manner.

According to the group rules, this is a drama free zone which we love, and instead it's a friendly place for pups of all kinds.

Group Type: Private

If you're thinking about adopting or fostering, this group is full of useful information and advice. Networking adoptable dogs in and around Vancouver and other parts of Canada in a safe respectful forum, this group is helping dogs find forever homes.

Rescues across Vancouver post in this group regularly, and all rescues posting must have a local representative to help ensure all posts are from reputable organizations.

Group Type: Private

If you're searching for something dog-related - this group probably has it, or at least can help you find it. You can find some great deals, as well as some very unique handmade gift ideas in this group, and there's a very active discussion section with fellow BC pet owners if you need any recommendations.

Group Type: Public



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